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Branding & Graphic Design

Building Relevance

Logo design, brand standards, print & digital media that shares your brand’s personality.

Working with clients, it’s interesting how each has a unique perspective on what “brand” means. Embracing client interpretations is all part of a successful client journey.

It’s a process of discovery that leads to a brand that is meaningful and defines not just what you are, but what you do and how it helps your audiences.

Your brand is who you are… it’s what you believe in.

The journey of designing your new brand, or rebrand deserves to be an adventure you embrace. Of course, it’s a bit easier to embrace when you’re working with years of experience in balancing creative insight and client needs with contemporary design standards.

It’s all about bringing together the exploration in variations of typeface, sizes, colors and focusing and how they apply to your new logo and brand standards.

The right fit works for all mediums:

  • Website
  • Letterhead
  • Business Cards
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Apparel
  • & More


How is your brand reflecting your personality? 
Not all relationships are created equal… same goes with designers. Ready to make the move?

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Curious about what some things mean? Check out the words we use a lot in brand and graphic design chats.

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Journey Agenda


  • Explore Current Brand
  • Exploring Industry Brands
  • Collaborative Brainstorms & Sketches
  • Creative problem solving
  • Designs & Mood Boards
  • Introduction of Your New Brand

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Journey Log:

This journey begins on Internet Interstate, where the hours-long drive winds through the rolling hills of typefaces, colors, shapes, juxtapositions, industry brand logos and websites. Exploring your brand, the distinctions and similarities within your industry.(CS)

Once that discovery is completed, it’s coffee time at the Internet Connection Cafe just off exit It’s time to share what was learned and how it all works with your goals and expectations.

All of the notes from our meeting will be compiled at the Creative Gear Factory and processed for brainstorming and sketches. Applying creative problem solving that aligns design concepts with your ideology. Working through the ebb and flow of design and application and how this all translates to who you are and what you are.

After grinding gears and coming up with strong, creative solutions it’s time to hop on the Presentation Trolly as we review how your new brand looks and feels across multiple applications. We’ll end this part of our journey together in the Finish Line Theatre with a defined scope of work, that outlines the steps for updating your existing media with your new brand and a formal introduction.


We don’t work for you… we work with you.

It’s how we do!

We don’t work for you… we work with you.

It’s how we do!


It’s not just what you’re saying, it’s how you say it and where you say it. We see messaging as a combination of things that all come together as a whole to create successful campaigns.


Engaging how? Aesthetically, through messaging or sharing with the right audience? These are a few of the varying thoughts behind what engaging means not just to us, but to end users.


How we combine our knowledge, thinking and ideas with yours. Relying on what we know together to influence creative thinking that applies your brand standards and expresses your brand personality.


This is important for us… your brand is who you are, what you’ve bought into and take pride in. We value who you are, our goal is to always understand the brands of our client, and find ways to have a positive impact on their creative and messaging while staying true to who they are.

Problem Solving

There is a unique problem solving skillset that comes with being a creative. We harness this skillset so we can be creative problem solvers in our every day adventures. 


This one goes without saying… our team works extremely effectively together as well as with our clients. It’s not just about doing it’s also about educating and learning from each other.