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Everything in life is about connection… finding ways to communicate, explore and develop new relationships. Whether it’s with art, science, neighbors, friends, loved ones, hobbies, passions or… just to enjoy a beautiful, quiet, peaceful moment with nature.

Advertising and marketing is about making connections through the same types of emotions and communication. It’s an adventure that finds fulfillment through engaging content, brand awareness and goal driven conversions.

I’m Ron Wertz, and for the past 20 plus years my focus has been on how we can combine data with content marketing to create strategies for effective advertising and digital media campaigns. Trends constantly shift, standards constantly define best practices and potential for campaigns are easily limited by creative problem solving and solutions.

The landscape is competitive, the think tanks are constantly churning and therefore remaining on your toes is important. Creating successful campaign strategies relies on an understanding and an experience in specific approaches that are tailored to your needs and effectively answering the questions your audiences are looking for.


The What

Unique Digital & Traditional Media
Whether video, animated ads, static media, print, social media, newsletters, e-blasts, websites, brand development and the many other facets of digital media. The goal is to use past experiences, present inspiration and insights into the future trends and apply them as needed to all forms of brand awareness.

Focused on offering specific advertising and marketing solutions that work within the three main segments of brand awareness and growth. Building website experiences, social media / inbound marketing relationships and brand relevance through all digital and print mediums.

Specializing in all mediums of design and digital media:

  • Branded Graphic Design & Illustration Elements | Photo & Graphic Manipulation | Video & Animated Elements >
  • Social Media Funnel Marketing >
  • Website UX | IA | UI and SEO >

How We Do

A Flavorful Blend of Team Work, Compassion & Strategy
The focus is not about being a full service station or a hired extension of your business.

Through years of experience it’s become clear that the best work with the strongest results comes from focused attention and most importantly, the time to do so. Scaling back and focusing on building experiences and relationships offers the time to be more strategic, creative and provide the strongest ROI.

What does this mean for you?
You’ll be empowered, informed and an integral part of the decision making through every step of the process. This workflow typically reflects growth in a few ways, through growth in your brand along with the knowledge and understanding your team develops. This balance allows for each of us to focus on specific action items while working closely to problem solve and implement strategies effectively.